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UFO Twitter: What conclusions would you draw from the following information?

“There was a specific electronic signature (frequency) emanating from them when they were going into or coming out of the water, so they were easy to track. On several occasions they filmed the UFO as it transitioned from water to air or vice versa.”Bob Fish, In Plain Sight

This frequency, detected in the late 1970s, allows the United States to detect, track and predict UAP locations.

“There is an inexorable connection between nukes and UFOs.” – Robert Hastings, Nukes and UFOs

This knowledge could be used for baiting, luring or trapping UFOs.

A small number of congressional members have seen the classified version of the UAPTF Report, which featured a 40 minute video which they described as “science fiction” and we’re “gobsmacked” – Bob McGwire, Spaced Out Radio.

The rest of Congress has not seen this video or read the classified version of the report.

One of the provisions in the National Defense authorization act states to “provide an update on any efforts underway on the ability to capture or exploit discovered unidentified aerial phenomena.”

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