UFO/MSM Disclosure Trajectory Resource

Mainstream media historical reference:

New York Times: “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program” December 2017

New York Times: “No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public.” June 2020

Background information on Lue Elizondo January 2021:

Harold Tribune: “From the shadows into the light – the man who broke the UFO embargo grew up in Sarasota, Lue Elizondo.”

Mainstream media coverage and Disclosure Trajectory since March 2021 resource:

March 2021:

Washington Post: “Thanks to Trump-era covid relief bill, a UFO report may soon be public — and it’ll be big, ex-official says.”

April 2021:

The Department of Defense denies Lou Elizondo was the director of the DOD AATIP program.

Former senator Harry Reid writes a letter to confirm Lue Elizondo had a leadership role in the USG funded DOD AATIP program.

The Department of Defense Inspector General issued an announcement yesterday that it is opening an evaluation into “the extent to which the DoD has taken actions regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Politico: “Pentagon watchdog opens new probe into military’s handling of UFOs.”

New Yorker: “How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously”

May 2021:

Pyramid-shaped UFOs spotted by Navy may be the best ‘the world has ever seen; Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp

Christopher Mellon interviewed on The Joe Rogan Show.

Jacques Vallee publishes Trinity: Best Kept Secret

HBO movie based on Leslie Kean’s UFO book announced which will include Christopher Mellon and Lou Elizondo

60 Minutes: Alex Dietrich strike fighter pilot comes forward confirms tic tac UAP encounter. Christopher Mellon, Lou Elizondo, and Ryan Graves appear on show.

Obama says he ‘absolutely’ wants to know more about UFOs and hopes they can unite us if they’re real

CNN News: “What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are. We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so, you know, I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is.” – Barack Obama

The Guardian: “Whistleblower who spoke out on UFOs claims Pentagon tried to discredit him.”

President Biden asked during a news conference to comment on President Obama’s assertion about USG UAP investigations. President Biden responds, “I would ask him again” 

June 2021:

CBS: David Martin reports on the dozens of still unexplained encounters with what the Pentagon calls “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Politico: “Elizondo charges “malicious activities, coordinated disinformation, professional misconduct, whistleblower reprisal and explicit threats perpetrated by certain senior-level Pentagon officials,”

Washington Post: “Before we get to what these mysterious phenomena are, we need to be asking how we can figure out what they are. This is where scientists, notably absent from the current UAP conversation, come in.”

CNN Business: “NASA Administrator Bill Nelson tells CNN’s Rachel Crane that he has begun an investigation into recent UFO sightings.”

The Debrief: China confirms it has its own “UFO Task Force,” and claims to be using AI to investigate recent increases of UFO activity in Chinese airspace. #ufo #uap #UFOtwitter

New York Times: “Government Finds No Evidence That Aerial Sightings Were Alien Spacecraft”

Washington Post Live: UFOs and National Security with Luis Elizondo former director of the  Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) #ufotwitter

Catholic Scientists conference to discuss Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human

Washington Post: “The serious government search for UFOs.”

CNN Business: “NASA Administrator Bill Nelson tells CNN’s Rachel Crane that he has began an investigation into recent UFO sightings.”

NBC News: …”long-suppressed conversation may open new possibilities for research and discovery and perhaps defense contracts.” to study UAP.

Washington Examiner: “U.S. government has in the past actively considered — and is presently still considering — whether the most extraordinary unidentified flying objects are not of earthly origin.”

CNN: “A classified briefing on Wednesday morning on one of the most controversial topics circulating in Washington today: UFOs.”

TMZ: Representative Tim Burchett 

“New UFOs Likely From Deep Space… Not the Russians.” Exclusive video interview.

June 25th 2021 UAP report submitted:

**ODNI submitted to Congress a preliminary report regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) that relays the progress made by the UAP Task Force. Read the report here:

Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Assessment

Christopher Mellon: Don’t dismiss the alien hypothesis.

CNN News: “NASA Administrator Bill Nelson tells CNN that he has read the classified version of the US intelligence report on the series of UFO sightings by Navy pilots and others, and that he feels that we may not be alone in this galaxy” Video

Washington Post: “NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said he had seen the classified UAP report when he was serving in the Senate. “The hair stood up on the back of my neck”

SETI: “If the government report indicates that there is a possibility that at least some UAPs might, indeed, be of ET origin, then perhaps there will be an effort to pursue their study using the precepts of well-designed science experiments.”

Jeremy Corbell drops more footage:

In 2019 U.S. Navy warships were swarmed by UFOs. Over the past months, I’ve provided a large amount of cumulative and corroborate visual data to support this fact. What I’m providing today is video footage – captured from THE DECK of the USS Omaha – by the on-board “VIPER” TEAM.

Ross Coulthart: In this incredible interview Ross provides detailed stories and accounts of discussions with USG contractors who have been “read in” to classified UAP projects.

July 2021:

New York Times: Inside the U.F.O. Report Audio 🔊

CNN News: “If the American people could see what I and my colleagues in the Pentagon have seen, they’d know that this subject is very, very real, and it’s worthy of thorough study,” – Lou Elizondo

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) on report on unexplained sightings: “There have been nearly 150 sightings. 80 of the sightings detected with some of the best technology the world has ever seen. We can’t rule out something that is otherworldly, but that’s a very small percentage.”

Rep. Carson calls for further investigation into UFO sightings and hearings.

Fade 2 Black: “Discusses 23 minute UAP video, not grainy, not a tic tac, large enough to carry several occupants, involves multiple vehicles, official collection ctr., other sensors involved, movement we wouldn’t understand” – LE

TS 40:00

Christopher Mellon: “The first and most important step for Congress to take is to either identify a permanent home for the UAPTF mission or require DoD and the IC to do so and to explain their resulting rationale with the oversight committees.”

CNN News: “If the American people could see what I and my colleagues in the Pentagon have seen, they’d know that this subject is very, very real, and it’s worthy of thorough study,” – Lue Elizondo

“Prof. Avi Loeb will introduce The Galileo Project on Monday. The project will seek to understand UAP.

Live stream on Monday, July 26, at 12PM EDT (5PM GMT+1)



Universe Today: “A New Plan to Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts at Earth and Across the Solar System”

Popular Mechanics: “The Bizarre History of Underwater USOs”

Medium – Bryce Zable / David Bates: “An Investigative Reporter Discovers UFOs” — Is Australian reporter @RossCoulthart’s ‘In Plain Sight’ the UAP book you’ve been waiting for?”

That UFO Podcast: Avi Lobe explains how the Galileo Project will attain high-resolution images of UAP within a year.

Scientific American: “Challenge No. 1: All UAP/UFO incidents are non-repeatable: we can’t go back and perform the “experiment” of that exact observation again.” #ufotwitter

**Department of Defense: “..with data relating to unidentified aerial phenomena to make such data available immediately to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.”

The Hill: “A paradigm shift is underway. As senior officials increasingly open up about such encounters, the stigma that long precluded serious discussion of UFOs continues to crumble.”

Politico: “The Pentagon is considering giving the Space Force a greater role in a stepped-up effort to track and investigate reports of UFOs. But the newest military branch isn’t over the moon about the idea.” #ufotwitter

Probable upcoming events:

Jacques Vallee’s meta-materials peer review results, Lue Elizondo interviewed on Joe Rogan show, Congressional hearings scheduled, IG reports findings to Congress, 23 minute video of UAP, LE indicated a new voices would be joining the conversation, another 60 Minutes segment, Galileo project produces high resolution image of UAP

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